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For employers with fluctuating payrolls and workers compensation premium above $30,000, PremiumSync® provides a pay-as-you-go solution for managing your program. Through this payroll reporting and billing program, eligible policyholders can sync up their workers compensation premium to their existing payroll frequency. Benefits include:

Cash Flow Management

By paying workers compensation premium in sync with payroll frequency1, organizations can more accurately budget their workers compensation expense as their payrolls fluctuate.

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Streamlined Audit Process

Workers compensation premium is calculated in sync with the employer payrolls reported throughout the life cycle of a policy. Reporting payrolls accurately and over time may reduce the possibility of premium fluctuation during the audit process at the conclusion of the policy term.

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Easy & Convenient

PremiumSync is administered through an easy-to-complete payroll reporting template and automatic recurring payments via our Pay Online application2.

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Setting Up Your Program

Step 1
Complete your PremiumSync
setup questionnaire.

Step 2
Submit your payroll reporting file to Key Risk
every time you pay your employees.

Step 3
Enroll in automatic recurring
payments via Pay Online.

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1. Payroll frequency may be weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. For PremiumSync clients with monthly payroll reporting frequency, a 10% deposit is required at policy inception.
2. Enrollment in automatic recurring payments via Key Risk's Pay Online application is required for PremiumSync clients.

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