Third Party Administration

Third-Party Administration Services
Do you want more control over your workers compensation costs?

When you choose to self-insure, you take control of the workers compensation process - moving from a risk sharing to a risk bearing position. This control can translate into significant benefits for your organization, including:

  • Direct claims control
  • Reduced susceptibility to market fluctuations
  • Strong incentive to control losses
  • Lower fixed costs

Companies that choose to self-insure establish a claims fund with dollars they would have otherwise used to pay for insurance premiums. Self-insured employers limit the amount of financial risk they are exposed to through the purchase of excess workers compensation insurance.

Self-insuring doesn’t mean “do it yourself.” The key to a successful self-insurance program is finding and partnering with the right third party administrator. With over 30 years in the industry, Key Risk is committed to working together with employers to deliver better outcomes in workers compensation.

Please contact our Key Risk Management Services team at 800.942.0225 for more information on available services for group or individual self-insured employers.

Available Services

Key Risk provides a variety of TPA services including: claims management, managed care, cost containment services, placement of excess workers compensation insurance, and risk management.

To learn more about workers compensation self-insured solutions and
third-party administration, please call us at 800.942.0225.