Pay Online Options from Key Risk!

Key Risk is pleased to offer employers electronic payment options for managing their workers compensation billing. Through our Pay Online service, employers can schedule ongoing premium installment payments or make a one-time payment.

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Take full control of your payments with Key Risk's Pay Online option.
Schedule automatic recurring payments or complete a single payment.

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To enroll for Pay Online, you will need your Key Risk Customer ID shown
on your invoice, your bill-to zip code and the banking information for
your organization.

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The Pay Online service utilizes a Wells Fargo payment portal. Clients do not need previous affiliation with Wells Fargo to utilize this service. By selecting Enroll Now or Register Now, you will leave and be automatically directed to the Wells Fargo secure payment portal.

PremiumSync® Pay-As-You-Go

For employers with fluctuating payrolls and workers compensation premium above $30,000, PremiumSync® provides a pay-as-you-go solution for managing your program. PremiumSync offers automatic recurring payments via our Pay Online service above. To learn more about PremiumSync, click here.